Our features

Subject lectures and presentations, announces and tasks are published in the workplace. Workplaces are created by teacher for each subject and group of students, or for many groups if it is reasonable. Students get access to workplaces by requests.
Events feed
You can find events feed in our system. This feed shows last events related to you. You will not miss important task and always will be on time.
You can discuss subject problems using forums. Attach documents and pictures to your answers. Teacher can set grade right next to the answer!
Build-in editor allows you to create and modify tests on web page, or you can upload test using text or word files, previously make them fit simple markup rules. Teacher can examine detailed report of students answers and fails.
Gradebook creating by the system automatically based on tasks added by teacher. Grades automatically transfers to gradebook when students complete tests, from forums and tasks.

E-Stages supports SLL encryption for secure data transfer. Use the HTTPS protocol to keep your data confidential.
Personal data of users in the system is hidden and accessible only to those who are members of the same organization or workplace.