Your-Study mission

From our point of view, online learning tools are a vital tool for any training in our time.

The main idea of Your-Study is to give people the opportunity to use e-learning without bureaucracy and unnecessary costs.

Currently, Your-Study is an affordable and easy-to-use environment for teachers and students of all universities and for HR needs.

History of Your-Study

The development of the Your-Study began in 2014.

The service was created as a replacement for the Virtual Campus MESI. Thanks to feedback from users, we created a service based on your requests. Thank you for participating in the development!

During design stage following students took a part: Kochetkov Victor, Gemega Artem, Butyugina Elizabeth, Golovin Maxim.

Paid tariffs

We have to inform that since 04.2017 we seted some limitation for free tariff to keep our server rental costs.

We plan to implement lots of new features, in order to do this we added paid subscription. However, the idea of the public availability of the main tools is what constitutes the Your-Study policy.

Thank you for your interest!

About the system

In Your-Study you can:
  • Create workplaces
  • Publish files
  • Create tasks
  • Do testing
  • Create notes and ads
  • Organize discussions
Our plans:
  • Responsive web design
  • Some design changes for better usability.
  • Ability to add videos.
  • Media preview
  • Improve the "events" page and email notifications
  • Implement the possibility of several teachers working with one workplace.
  • Update instructions and add new ones.