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E-Learning system - communication tool for students and teachers

Using Your-Study you can enjoy the benefits of LMS, regardless of the university

For whom?

For educational organizations
To provide a full elearning, create a page of organization. The teachers themselves or responsible administrators can add workplaces and attach groups of students.
For tutors and enterprising teachers.
Create a teacher account, place courses in the distance learning system, and accept student requests. Still it is possible to teach several disciplines and differentiate access, but alone as a teacher.
For authors of online trainings
A perfect platform for serious training on your personal methodology. It is possible to place lecture materials, tasks, forums and tests. Doing alone or with several teachers.
For any organization with the purpose of staff training
Suitable for periodic testing of employees and teaching new material. Use the results for ranking and admission of employees.

Two options for accounting

As you understood, you can register as a teacher and start working, or you can create an organization page. The second method has its advantages:

- the possibility of uniting students into groups and assigning them workplaces;
- the work of several teachers in one workplace, the transfer of the workplace to another teacher within the organization;
- the ability to control access by administrators, not teachers;
- displaying your logo on all pages;
- batch creation of workspaces, groups, accounts;

However, if you do not need these functions, you can save money by working alone on the system. This is our feature - to provide the possibility of personal use of the learning management system. In the future, you can create an organization page with all the data saved. We remind you that you can use the system for free in a certain amount (see Tariffs).

“Thanks for the free tariff, I managed to save the educational process during the reorganization of the university”

Alekseev S.I., teacher

“I organized refresher courses quickly. I like that you can register and start working right away.”

Solovieva M.A.,. director of the training center